Reaction To Fuel Prices and Management Tips

May 13, 2011
IW readers react to the latest topics

Re: Fewer Employers Plan to Offer Workers Fuel-Price Relief (See original article)

It is really strange to read that companies are not willing to utilize telecommuting more these days. As we ask everyone to be more conscious of the use of energy, I hope none of the companies in your article are claiming to be "green" in their marketing campaigns!

The "all-hands-on-deck" ritual just tells me that companies do not have their processes in line with customer needs and thus fight fires to satisfy their customer needs. Why aren't these companies moving toward lean and process improvement while they reduce the need to burn fossil fuel, e.g., getting people off the road? As we all know, our public transportation system in this country is not up to speed to handle extra commuting via this mode of transportation, and the availability in outlying areas of public transportation is poor!

Meanwhile, our government is broke and cannot support expansion projects to improve public transportation. Heads I will, tails you lose!

If companies want to be part of the solution, let them stop complaining, improve their internal and external processes, and move into the 21st century! Old habits and paradigms need to shift and be broken, and if they are readers of IndustryWeek, shame on them!

Dennis Goldensohn
Westbury, N.Y.

Important Reminders

Re: "10 Management Traps -- and How to Avoid Them" (Spring 2011)

I just wanted to let you know that the article about the management traps is one of the best articles on the subject I've read in a long time. Brief and important reminders of the things that we should all be doing every day. I've forwarded it to all the managers in our company.

Ian Walsh
Operations manager -- Wire-Bond

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