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NAM/IndustryWeek 2013 Q2 Survey: Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

June 10, 2013
Manufacturers expect steep health care premium rises in 2014.

1. Do you offer health insurance coverage to your employees?

  1. Yes—99.0%
  2. No—1.0%
  3. Uncertain—none

2. Do you self-insure your health insurance?

  1. Yes—38.0%
  2. No—60.8%
  3. Uncertain—1.3%

3. What was the average premium increase:

  1. Last year (2012)—8.4%
  2. This year (2013)—8.6%
  3. Next year (2014)—13.9%

4. Do you believe that your business is prepared to implement the 2014 provisions of the Affordable Care Act?

  1. Yes—43.8%
  2. No—24.4%
  3. Uncertain—31.7%

5. Is your business planning to use a health insurance exchange due to the Affordable Care Act once it goes into effect on October 1?

  1. Yes—1.9%
  2. No—56.9%
  3. Uncertain—41.2%

6. Is your business considering reducing the amount of coverage it provides due to the introduction of a 40% tax on high-cost health insurance coverage starting in 2018 (the “Cadillac” tax)?

  1. Yes—23.3%
  2. No—37.4%
  3. Uncertain—39.3%

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