Brussels -- Don't Do Anything, But Get Real!

Dec. 11, 2013
EU is planning to put more control on employing trainees in SMEs.

Just for once European Union, please stop working and you would really make SMEs happy and you would contribute positively to the economic growth.

There are several newspaper articles (The Guardian) about European Union’s budget missing funds due losing, mismanaging the EU budget or due to fraud. We are talking here about several hundred millions of Euros annually.

I hardly manage to write and publish my latest blog about how SMEs should embrace the opportunity to use more and more young people, graduates or students, for solving tough innovation challenges in SMEs.

Latest news is that EU is planning to put tighter control on this very encouraging way of integrating young people into professional life and driving innovation in SMEs.

These new regulations would particularly hit the trainees or interns looking for intermediate jobs in SMEs.

The more paper pushing the Eurocrats are asking from SMEs, the less likely it is that SMEs will hire trainees.

Eurocrats could have not chosen a worse time for this idea. EU’s youth unemployment rate is at its highest level.

European Union, keep taxpayers money under control and let companies run their businesses without additional burden.

SMEs do not need more regulation in Europe!

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