Sustainable Supply Chains: By The Numbers

Nov. 7, 2008
Only 35% of companies surveyed by Ernst & Young have begun carbon footprinting initiatives.

Although green issues have moved front and center on the public's radar screen in recent years, senior-level executives at large companies ($1 billion and above) have yet to fully embrace the idea of sustainability, according to a recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young and the Economist Intelligence Unit. These would be the companies with deep enough pockets to support green initiatives, and yet relatively few consider sustainability as a major priority. This may be due, the report states, to "the mixed messages businesses are receiving from governments, regulators and consumers -- the three key stakeholders indicated by respondents. While concrete legislation lags behind government rhetoric on emissions reduction targets, a significant gulf exists between consumers' green claims and their actual purchasing behavior." Following are some significant findings from the report:

12 percentage of respondents who rate sustainability among their top three supply chain priorities

35 percent who have begun carbon footprinting initiatives

40 percent who have invested in on-site renewable energy generations

44 percent who are confident they can deal with sustainability issues

63 percent who see sustainability as an opportunity for revenue growth

71 percent who believe "reputation and brand" is the area where green efforts will have the greatest impact

Source: Ernst & Young

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