From the Forums: "Why Aren't Americans Buying More Green Vehicles?"

Feb. 15, 2011
Viewing the young as green consumers for the auto industry may be short-sighted

"Why Aren't Americans Buying More Green Vehicles?"

"I know that our teenagers will start [their car-buying process] by making a list, a short list, of zero-emission vehicles," [Nissan EVP Carlos] Tavares said, "and they'll select from that short list."

Oh boy, it's going to be interesting to see if the vehicle manufacturers are going to be saved or not by a spike in fuel prices. Just think, the economy might be saved by a huge increase in fuel prices. What, you say? Well, duh, teenagers don't have big wallets to pay for premium-priced alternative "green" vehicles, so what's going to happen to all that planned new green vehicle production capacity if fuel prices don't spike soon enough quickly enough? CAFE standards are one thing, brain dead short-sighted (short term) consumer behavior is another. In other words, higher CAFE standards without a matching fuel tax increase are problematic and any tax increase is ideologically impossible now.


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