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Super Energy Savings

Dec. 16, 2007
'Super Boiler' provides gas savings of 13% after first year of operation.

A newly developed boiler touted by the Department of Energy as an "important technology transfer" delivered gas savings of nearly 13% after its first year of operation. The so-called Super Boiler was developed by the Gas Technology Institute and installed in July 2006 by Cleaver-Brooks Inc. at Specification Rubber Products Inc. in Alabaster, Ala. The 300-horsepower, high-pressure steam boiler operated for more than 6,000 hours with a fuel-to-steam efficiency of 93% to 94%, the DOE reported in November 2007.

The development is viewed by the Bush Administration as a step toward energy independence. "The Super Boiler will help save energy, increase efficiency and improve environmental performance throughout the U.S. manufacturing sector," says John Mizroch, principal deputy assistant secretary of the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. "Its success is advancing President Bush's plan to increase the use of cleaner, more efficient energy technologies that will reduce our nation's reliance on foreign sources of energy."

A newly developed boiler system is expected to improve energy efficiency for manufacturers.The Super Boiler utilizes a transport membrane condenser and a compact humidifying air heater to extract heat from the flue gas for increased energy efficiency. The new boiler has the potential to save more than 185 trillion BTUs of energy by 2020, according to the DOE.

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