Lift Trucks Meet 2010 Emission Standards

Sept. 14, 2007
Trucks meet higher California standards.

Wanting to comply with future emission standards, all Hyster Co. truck lines will meet the stringent 2010 California Air Resources Board (CARB), emission standards and exceed current 2007 federal EPA standards.

Hyster, of Greenville, N.C. makes electric trucks, in their ISO 1400 certified manufacturing plants. The company says the trucks duplicate the performance of internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks while reducing emissions and maintenance time.

"Researching alternative fuel sources, reducing emissions, and upholding manufacturing regulations are all priorities in delivering industry-leading Hyster lift trucks, says Paul Laroia, president of Hyster Co.

Hyster, which is currently using fuel cell trucks in actual applications, says they are actively working in a number of areas of alternate energy use including battery technology, advanced energy storage devices and hydrogen fuel cells.

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