Green Manufacturing: By The Numbers

Feb. 10, 2009
Survey shows that 'green manufacturing' has yet to be adopted by most manufacturers

The early returns on the manufacturing industry's adoption of green initiatives is still pretty spotty. While the majority of those companies surveyed by EyeForTransport indicate an awareness of the need for complying with environmental regulations, many companies have yet to formally institute green manufacturing throughout their operations. Some findings from the study:

67 percent of respondents currently facing environmental regulations

65 percent that plan to make energy-efficiency investments in 2009

60 percent whose energy efficiency improvements are funded through their operations budget

39 percent who have seen no increased demand for environmental information from customers

35 percent who are actively practicing green manufacturing and have written policies in place

30 percent who have no green manufacturing policies in place

23 percent who do not know if their companies will be investing in energy efficiency in 2009

13 percent who have no plans to invest in energy efficiency in 2009

Source: EyeForTransport

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