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Sustaining The Future

Dec. 8, 2005
How companies manage resources today determines what is to come tomorrow.

Companies strive to ensure their businesses will be in existence in the future -- and that the footprint the companies leave on the earth is not intrusive. Companies are working to reduce CO2 emissions, to add more recyclable content to their products and to reduce their energy consumption.

These companies also want to ensure that their workers and their families are taken care of in terms of quality of work life and quality of personal life.

As John M. Barth, CEO of Johnson Controls Inc., writes, sustainable manufacturing is a journey.

And for the Milwaukee-based company, it has been a 120-year journey filled with lessons learned about integrity, customer satisfaction, employee diversity, safety and environment.

For Bruce Hertzke, CEO of Winnebago Industries Inc., being a good corporate citizen helps to sustain companies.

The Forest City, Iowa-based company has a strong safety agenda, a strong recycling program and supports programs that improve the quality of life of its workers and neighbors.

While sustainability initiatives may not have concrete evidence for return on investments, ignoring it will certainly have a concrete effect on the bottom line.

The following essays highlight was others are doing to sustain their futures.

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