IBM, Foxconn Bring Carbon Emissions Technology to Pacific Region

March 5, 2009
GreenCert is an information technology solution for environmental protection and energy production.

GreenCert, a content management system that can calculate and certify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by a facility, will now be available in the Asia Pacific region. GreenCert is an information technology solution for environmental protection and energy production that was originally developed in the U.S. by IBM and its partners, EIM and C-Lock. Those companies have joined with Foxconn/Hon Hai Technology Group to distribute the product.

Foxconn will make a significant investment leveraging IBM software and hardware technology to enable this analysis and management. At Kaohsiung Software Park, they will recruit several hundred software engineers with special industry skills to help make the GreenCert technology system meet the specific needs of different Asian industries.

In addition to calculating carbon emissions, GreenCert provides instant data analysis and test reports that allow customers to use it as a base for carbon trading, according to the company.

The carbon trading market continues to gain strength due to the Kyoto Protocol which promotes carbon trading as a key means of reducing worldwide emissions. Under the framework the amount of carbon emissions produced by a company will become a price tagged commodity to be traded on world markets under international law. This provision of the Protocol has proven to be very popular and in fact the World Bank's "State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2007" pointed out that the use of carbon trading to encourage reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has become the most important international policy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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