New Air Tank Technology

Aug. 10, 2007
Tank is 20-30% lighter which can help with future emission standards requirements.

Polygon Co. of Walkerton, Ind. announced the first fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite air tank designed exclusively for the over the road class 8 truck and trailer industry, as well as the service vehicle market.

This composite air tank, designed to meet environments encountered by truck fleets, uses thermoplastic resin matrices forming a pressure vessel that can be literally hammered without stress crack propagation, says the company.

The tank is 20-30% lighter than any metallic tank on the market, according to Polygon. The company points out that "every pound saved can be used in a more productive manner, especially as we approach the next emission standards requirement in 2010. Skyrocketing fuel prices are making composites more and more the material of choice by maximizing strength to weight ratios."

This product also is being adapted to assist in the filtration of gas & diesel emissions.

Polygon is in the process of setting up an automated line in a new Indiana facility for the manufacturing of these air tanks.

The company is also looking for interested entities that might be interested in initiating beta-site testing for its new air tank. If interested contact Jim Shobert at [email protected] or (800) 918.9261.

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