Engine Manufacturers Association Supports EPA Marine Engine Rule

March 17, 2008
Industry association says clean diesel is no longer an oxymoron.

Cummins Inc., on behalf of the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) affirmed the industrys support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Final Marine Engine Rule. Geoff Conrad, Cummins General Manager-Marine, made the announcement at a conference hosted by the EPA last week.

The Final Marine Engine Rule is intended to reduce emissions from diesel-fuelled engines installed in marine vessels and locomotives. The legislation completes a series of national emissions standards that apply to diesel engines used for a range of major applications.

Due to the unique installation requirements of both marine and locomotive applications, as well as the resources and infrastructure in place to service these markets, Cummins and the EMA worked closely with the EPA on the development of the legislation and its implementation schedule.

Industry experts and marine designers were enlisted to perform a thorough analysis of the rulings impact on both the design and operation of a vessel to ensure the industry could continue to operate while achieving a meaningful reduction of emissions.

"With the implementation of this rule, clean diesel is no longer an oxymoron, but a proven, efficient, cost-effective and clean technology that powers our nations economy," Conrad said. "This rule establishes difficult stretch goals for the industry, but we are prepared to meet the challenge."

Over the next few years, Cummins said it will focus on educating marine and locomotive equipment manufacturers, key suppliers and, most importantly, operators to ensure a broad understanding of the impacts and the importance of compliance to this ruling.

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