New Solution Reduces Environmental Impact of Supply Chain Processes

Feb. 27, 2009
ModusLink solution, using the Wal-Mart Sustainable Packaging tool, helps control emissions

The new Sustainable Solutions Suite from ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. helps companies reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain processes by offering a range of services from package design to network optimization and simulation, to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprinting.

In a 2007 survey by the nonprofit group Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Packaging Digest magazine, 73% of 1,255 respondents who are involved in packaging reported that their companies had increased the emphasis on sustainable packaging. However, most of the attention has been focused on minimizing the carbon footprint through creative transportation, alternative fuels and sustainable packaging efforts. The new solution applies that same methodology to its sustainability efforts by reducing all GHGs rather than just the dominant element of carbon.

"A common misconception that plagues sustainability programs today is that implementing more sustainable processes translates to an increase in cost, when in fact it can significantly reduce the total landed cost of a product," said Ryan Humphrey, director of professional services for ModusLink. "By considering things such as GHG emissions during manufacturing and logistics, along with package design, material costs and recycling of returned products or parts, many companies can achieve a cost savings.

Using the Wal-Mart Sustainable Packaging tool and the soon to be released SPC COMPASS, in conjunction with other industry standard tools, ModusLink measures and analyzes the amount of carbon emissions of various packaging types and provides customers with feedback as to whether or not their traditional packaging is eco-friendly.

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