Innovations In Material Handling

June 15, 2007
Wood-free crates and ultra-lightweight aluminum pallets.

Costing half to 60% that of wood and weighing 50% less than wood, new wood-free crates offer manufacturers a variety of benefits, according to WoodFree Crating Systems based in Waterbury, Conn. The new crates, which are 100% recyclable and can be recycled with other corrugated products, meet ISPM 15 shipping rules. The crates also have 50% less vibration than wood crates according to the company. Additionally manufacturers can save on floor space as these crates arrive knocked-down and can be set up in few minutes.

Looking at pallets, a range of ultra-lightweight aluminum and hybrid transportation pallets were introduced earlier this month at the Annual Conference & Expo of the International Association of Operative Millers held at Overland Park Convention Center in Kansas. The pallets are manufactured by Dallas-based Toro Pallets.

"Our core focus is the food and pharmaceutical industry, where hygiene and sanitation are a primary concern," said Tiger Aster, president of Toro Pallets. "We designed our pallets after thorough research to make them light, strong and fastener-free to protect the merchandise being transported."

The pallets, weighing in the range of 25 and 40 pounds each, can cause a substantial impact on logistic costs as transportation and fuel prices are on a steady rise, according to the company. "A 24-foot trailer with 12 Toro pallets loaded could reduce the net weight by 300 pounds," Mr. Aster said. "It may seem insignificant at the beginning, but it is worth millions of dollars in annual transportation costs."

Woodfree Crating Systems
Toro Pallets LLC

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