Green Manufacturing: Coming To A Trade Show Near You

June 6, 2007
Leading manufacturing tradeshow producer will make green manufacturing a major feature of the nations largest design and manufacturing trade events in 2008

Canon Communications LLC, the leading producer of trade events serving the nations $1 trillion advanced manufacturing marketplace, will introduce major exposition features in all four of its principal manufacturing trade events facilitating "Green" or sustainable manufacturing practices for U.S. manufacturers.

The four events, each including several synergistic co-located design and manufacturing shows, take place in the key centers of manufacturing around the country -- Anaheim, Calif; Chicago, Ill.; New York, N.Y.; and Charlotte, N.C. The shows together include 6,000 international, national and regional suppliers as exhibitors, occupy 1,200,000 net feet of exhibition space, and attract more than 100,000 design and manufacturing professionals from nearly 45,000 advanced manufacturing facilities around the country.

The Green Manufacturing expositions will showcase the software, materials, products, and technologies that enable manufacturers to achieve "Sustainable Manufacturing" (defined by the International Trade Administration (ITA) as "The creation of manufactured products that use processes that are nonpolluting, conserve energy and natural resources, are economically sound, and safe for employees, communities and consumers.")

Already, manufacturing sector heavyweights such as IBM, GE, Dupont, Toyota, BP, BASF, Apple Computer, and a host of others are well underway with "Greening" their processes, resulting in significant and measurable energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, and new economically favorable recycling and waste treatment methods.

Green Manufacturing exhibitors will include leading design software providers; materials suppliers; wind, solar, and renewable energy systems manufacturers; energy management software providers; emission treatment equipment providers; waste water treatment systems producers; industrial recycling equipment manufacturers; environmental R&D firms; consulting firms; and a range of related service providers.

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