Green Tech for Clean Tech

March 8, 2008
Global market dynamics make for huge market opportunity for forward-thinking technology provider Emerson Process Management.

The twin dynamics of a booming market for alternative energy sources and a precipitous drop in qualified employees in process manufacturing sectors such as alternative fuels are driving the development and deployment of innovative technology solutions.

World energy demand is expected to reach the equivalent of more than 10 trillion tons of crude oil by 2010, and nearly 16 trillion equivalent tons by 2030. The World Wind Energy Association expects total installed capacity for wind energy to grow from roughly 74,000 MW in 2006 to 160,000 MW in 2010 -- an increase of more than 116 percent. Therefore, Chief Strategic Officer Peter Zornio believes that Emerson Process Management is doing the right thing both for its own business and for the environment by releasing new products such as SCADA software that helps to efficiently manage the growing assets of individual wind farms or entire fleets.

"Clearly, automation will be one of the enablers of realizing this growth in the most efficient and energy responsible way possible. Innovative technologies and solutions are important to meeting the global demands, and to enable new sources of energy to become economically feasible," says Zornio.

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