Energy Star Top 10 List

Nov. 6, 2007
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency collaborates with Dow, GM, Merck, PepsiCo, P&G, Toyota (and others) to release new report, collects links most useful to manufacturers looking to streamline energy use (and costs)

IndustryWeek editor Brad Kenney recently interviewed Betsy Dutrow of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about the tools that the EPA has developed and gathered together to make your lives easier (or at least make your facilities less expensive to operate).

The new report, Energy Strategy for the Future, was developed in conjunction with U.S. manufacturing executives from the likes of California Portland Cement, Dow, Eastman, GM, Mittal Steel, Merck, Mercury Marine, National Starch & Chemical, Owens Corning, PepsiCo, PPG, P&G, Toyota, UPS and others.

(Editor's note: The list below is not by any means a ranking of importance -- simply a collection of tools, some of which will be more useful than others in your particular operations.)

Top Ten List from ENERGY STAR

  1. What every executive needs to know to manage energy
  2. Tools to help manufacturers manage energy
  3. Fundamentals of energy management
  4. How to use the power of the ENERGY STAR brand (.pdf)
  5. How to establish or strengthen your energy team
  6. Join ENERGY STAR's network of manufacturing companies
  7. How to benchmark your plant's energy efficiency
  8. National recognition for high-performing plants
  9. More energy efficiency resources for manufacturers
  10. ENERGY STAR's national energy efficiency Challenge
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