Top 10 Most Resilient Countries

June 19, 2023
“Objective data should support most major business decisions, and in the Resilience Index we’ve aggregated salient data to help companies build resilience for decades to come,” said Pentti Tofte, staff senior vice president, data analytics, FM Global.

The 2023 FM Global Resilience Index gives businesses the data and insight they need to inform critical decisions. The interactive tool uses a total of 15 drivers to score and rank countries in three main categories: economic, risk quality and supply chain resilience. Those drivers include:


  • Productivity
  • Political Risk
  • Energy Intensity
  • Urbanization Rate
  • Health Expenditure

Risk Quality

  • Seismic Risk Exposure
  • Climate Risk Exposure
  • Climate Risk Quality
  • Fire Risk Quality
  • Cyber Risk Quality

Supply Chain

  • Infrastructure Quality
  • Control of Corruption
  • Corporate Governance
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Supply Chain Timeliness

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