Production Pulse: 2024 Election's Impact on Manufacturing

March 21, 2024
Manufacturing experts in the machine tool, food and pharmaceutical industries discuss how Washington is addressing the manufacturing world and what's at stake in the Biden-Trump rematch.

There are still a few more primaries to be held, but Joe Biden and Donald Trump have locked up Democratic and Republican nominations for November's election. So, what does that mean for the manufacturing world? 

International trade, regulations, immigration, national security and taxation will all be part of the big national debate this year, and all of those topics touch on manufacturing in one way or another. Discussing those topics during the March 21, 2024, recording of Production Pulse, IndustryWeek's bi-weekly livestream program, were:

  • Laura Putre, senior editor at IndustryWeek
  • Bob Vavra, senior content director at Machine Design
  • Karen Langhauser, chief content director at Pharma Manufacturing
  • Andy Hanacek, senior editor of plant operations of Food Processing 

Due to some technical difficulties, IndustryWeek Editor-in-Chief Robert Schoenberger, who produced this episode, occasionally pops up on screen and disappears. Sorry about that.

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