NAM Celebrates Passage Of CAFTA

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was very happy with this past week's passage of CAFTA. President John Engler called it "a big win for the U.S., for Central America and for the world."

"The House rejected isolationism," declared Engler, "and it affirmed that America's economic future lies with open markets and a level playing field for international trade. We have to move forward with the World Trade Organization Doha Round and additional bilateral agreements that will further level the playing field for American manufacturers, farmers and service providers."

Engler explained that the CAFTA victory coupled with the passage of the Trade Enforcement Act, H.R. 3283, which gives American companies the same right to offset subsidized exports from China that they have with most other countries, combines for "a great one-two punch for opening new markets to U.S.-made goods and services and for better enforcement of trade agreements."

National Association of Manufacturers

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