Savi Networks Extends RFID To Largest Container Port In UK

SaviTrak software and RFID readers are now operational in terminal locations at the Port of Felixstowe (PFL), the largest container port in the United Kingdom.

"The SaviTrak information infrastructure at Felixstowe is a milestone because it now links an important transportation hub in Europe with existing SaviTrak services set up at port terminals on both U.S. coasts and in Asia," said Lani Fritts, chief operating officer of Savi Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Savi Technology.

SaviTrak RFID readers automatically track the location and security status of cargo containers and continuously monitoring the condition of their contents as they are transported throughout the global supply chain. The readers are installed at PFL's Trinity Terminal and are placed on dockside cranes at entry and exit gates.

The SaviTrak information service is offered via an open technology platform, which accommodates multiple and interoperable Automatic Identification and Data Collection technologies, such as barcodes, EPC-compliant passive and active RFID technologies, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) used to track ships and trucks that transport ocean containers. Active RFID technologies used are compatible with the ISO 18000-7 standard, and sensor seals are compatible with the ISO 18185 draft standard.

The company is a joint venture between Savi Technology, Inc., a Lockheed Martin company, and Hutchison Port Holdings, a port operator and developer.

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