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Four Leadership Styles and How They Drive Continuous Improvement

Originally broadcast on November 30, 2022. Now available On Demand.

Now available On Demand.


How can leaders promote collaboration, trust, and teamwork? What organizational structures best support continuous improvement? How can I change corporate culture to effectively implement lean and Six Sigma? 

IndustryWeek Contributing Editor and author of The Façade of Excellence; Defining a New Normal of Leadership John Dyer will dive into the intersection of leadership and continuous improvement to show what people in charge should be doing to boost efficiency and performance. This interactive session is for everyone who wants to learn more about how culture, leadership and trust impact lean and Six Sigma sustainability and expansion.  Key Takeaways: 

  • Four styles of leadership required to drive improvement 
  • Manufacturing case study showing the need to change the culture to a team-based, empowered organization built on trust 
  • How “enthusiastic productivity” can motivate all workers to achieve excellence 
  • New organizational structures that shatter silos and enable teams to transform ideas into reality 


John Dyer | President | John Dyer & Associates, Inc. – Process Innovation Co.  

As president of JD&A – Process Innovation Co., John brings his 32 years of experience in the field of improving processes to the table. He started his career with General Electric and then worked for Ingersoll-Rand before starting his own consulting company. 

John is the author of  The Façade of Excellence: Defining a New Normal of Leadership, published by Productivity Press. He is a frequent speaker on topics of leadership, continuous improvement, teamwork and culture change, both within and outside the manufacturing industry. 

John is a contributing editor forIndustryWeek, and frequently helps judge the annual IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards competition. He also has presented sessions at the annual IW conference. 

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