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Supplier Pricing Negotiations: Approaching Options and Risk with Eyes Wide Open Globally

Asian supplier economics have changed radically with geopolitical tensions rising and market conditions shifting.

This webinar was originally held on June 15, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.

Duration: 1 Hour


Paul Stepanek, author of the popular IndustryWeek article, “Hit with a Price Increase? Seven Tips for Negotiating with Suppliers,” updates his advice for manufacturers dealing with volatile market conditions. Brand owners' inventories are high. Demand is off. Commodity prices are down. Factories are scrambling for orders. The ABC (Anywhere But China) anthem is growing louder. 

In this discussion, attendees will learn: 

  • How market forces in Asia are influencing supplier pricing 
  • What to expect from international suppliers in the coming months  
  • How Geopolitics could influence competitiveness 


Paul Stepanek | Founder | Complete Manufacturing and Distribution 

Having lived in, learned, and worked in Asia for three decades, Paul Stepanek is a leading expert on Asian business strategy. He is the founder and president of Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD), a company that helps leaders worldwide accelerate results with Asia initiatives, including  market strategy, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, quality management, facility construction, business process outsourcing, continuous improvement, e-commerce, and more.   

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