ExecuNet Survey: Majority Of Execs Unhappy With Their Jobs

Boards of directors aren't the only people unhappy with the jobs some executives are doing.

Some 61% of 505 employed executives recently surveyed by ExecuNet, a job search and recruiting service, say they are not happy with their jobs -- and 77% of them plan to change jobs during the next six months.

Reported reasons for unhappiness include lack or challenge or personal growth (20%), limited advancement opportunities (18%), compensation (13%), poor company culture (11%) and bad boss (10%).

"The revolving door on the corner office is about to pick up speed," says Dave Opton, CEO and Founder of ExecuNet. "Many executives were anxiously waiting for the employment market to improve before they started to seek new opportunities, and it appears that time has come. Given the stakes, retention will soon be one of Corporate America's top priorities.

Also according to the survey, executives are changing jobs and companies on a frequent basis. During the past 10 years, executives have changed jobs every 2.8 years and companies every 3.5 years.


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