Garbage In, Garbage Out

In constant need of validation? Your data is.

According to analyst firm Aberdeen Group, 52% of organizations consider the "verification of data accuracy or completeness" to be one of the biggest customer data management challenges. Indeed, the principle of "garbage in, garbage out" is one with which many manufacturing IT managers continually struggle.

A new tool from open-source application provider Apatar allows non-technical staff and customers to access the application data they need to make their work efforts more efficient. Using a visual toolset, the company says even an average user can perform complex data integration without having to write a single line of code.

"Quality data is the life blood of all business processes," says Renat Khasanshyn, CEO and founder of Apatar. "Too often the quality of data doesn't keep pace with the development of business processes and doesn't live up to corporate requirements for effective, reliable and controlled data."

Khasanshyn says that Apatar's new data quality connector, created as a result of a partnership agreement with StrikeIron Inc., can verify, correct and enhance any address in the United States with live data. It cleans customer data before it gets into CRM/ERP systems, databases, flat files and RSS feeds by correcting extracted addresses, adding ZIP+4 data, specifying congressional districts and carrier routes.

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