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Supply Chain Salary Survey

Survey confirms professional credentials, gender make a difference.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), released its analysis of its third comprehensive salary survey.

ISM's salary survey established average salaries (for the 2007 calendar year) for the following job titles:

  • Chief Purchasing/ Supply Management/Sourcing: $128,821
  • Vice President, Purchasing/ Supply Management/Sourcing: $210,419
  • Director, Purchasing/ Supply Management/Sourcing: $125,833
  • Manager, Purchasing/ Supply Management/Sourcing: $90,088
  • Experienced staff member (3 or more years of experience): $68,537
  • Entry-level staff member (less than 3 years of experience): $49,682

Additional summary report details include:

  • Respondents who hold one or more certifications reported an average salary that was higher than those who do not. Overall, those who hold one or more certifications earned an average of $94,648, while those who do not hold a certification earned an average of $89,927. Specifically, respondents who hold the Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) designation reported earning an average salary that was 7.4% higher than those who do not.
  • Average annual compensation of supply management professionals (which includes wages, bonuses and other income received before taxes and deductions) of the supply management professional who responded to the survey was $92,165.
  • The average salary for women was $78,920 and the average salary for men was $100,313. This reflects a 27% gap, which is an improvement over the 2006 Salary Survey when the survey reflected that men made 38% more than their female counterparts.
  • Bonuses, included in the salary figures, were earned by 59.3% of all respondents. On average, bonuses received were $14,874, which was representative of 11.2% of total gross salary received. The highest bonus reported was $226,000.
  • Although salary is one vital aspect of a job, job satisfaction was ranked as the most important factor in overall satisfaction of a career. Benefits package placed second, and wages came in third.

The summary report, 2008 ISM Salary Survey Results, is available at (Select Tools, InfoCenter, and then ISM's Annual Salary Survey.)

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