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Where are the High Potential Leaders?

31% of survey respondents said their organization lacked high-potential leaders

That is the question that many employers are asking. According to a survey by Right Management released on Feb. 7, 31% of respondents said their organization lacked high-potential leaders.

Across the board talent was in short supply as well with 23% of respondents citing this as a problem.

"After three years of organizational contraction and less internal investment companies are taking a hard look at their onboard talent and aren't pleased with what they find," said Michael Haid, senior vice president of Talent Management for Right Management. "Lean times make it hard for organizations seeking to recruit, retain or develop future leaders. And they're keenly aware of the tough competitive environment theyre in and the need to hold onto and build leadership."

In the coming year there were other issues as well. Lagging productivity and low engagement was an issue for 26% of the companies. However defection of top talent was a concern for 19% compared to 30% last year.

"While defection to competitors is a worry, more and more organizations have to deal not only with the current lack of leadership bench strength, but also an increasingly disengaged workforce if our survey trends are any indicator. This is the kind of concern that HR people lose sleep over."

In the manffacturing sector, IndustryWeek reported on a study by Deloitte LLP and the Manufacturing Institute that concluded 67% of anufacturing executives surveyed in July and August said they are facing a moderate to severe shortage of skilled workers such as machinists, operators, distributors and technicians. Furthermore 5% of manufacturing positions are open due to a lack of qualified candidates.

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