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E-Procurement Alliance Targets Oil And Gas Sector

Compiled By Deborah Austin A new agreement links buyer and supplier organizations in the oil and gas sector, providing an e-procurement framework for members of both organizations to transact electronically based on industrywide standards. The alliance between Houston-based entities Trade-Ranger, a global e-procurement marketplace for the oil, gas and chemicals industries, and OFS Portal LLC, which represents oilfield products and services suppliers, provides an avenue for Trade-Ranger buyer members to access OFS suppliers' electronic catalog content through the Trade-Ranger marketplace. The agreement also formalizes a cooperative relationship between the two organizations to develop industrywide electronic data standards through Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), the electronic commerce committee of the American Petroleum Institute. OFS Portal already has conducted more than 40 pilots with Trade-Ranger members based on PIDX content and/or transaction standards.

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