New Solution Brings Wireless To Automotive Parts Replenishment

Wireless solutions provider WhereNet Corp. introduces the WhereSoft parts replenishment system and sensor-equipped WhereTag for automotive manufacturers. The system monitors inventory levels and senses when an item is removed or added to a workstation, then updates the data to an automotive OEM's enterprise inventory system, which determines whether additional parts need to be sent to the assembly line. No human intervention is required to call for parts, says the Santa Clara, Calif.-based technology company. The WhereSoft system is supported by industrial sensors from Visible Inventory, an inventory management solutions firm, which are interfaced to WhereTag active wireless transmitters. Using this technology the WhereSoft system determines the quantity of material remaining at a workstation and transmits the data via the WhereNet real-time locating system and wireless local area network. Sensor-equipped holding units can range from 5-inch by 5-inch parts bins to 4-foot by 4-foot pallets supporting up to 5,000 pounds of material.

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