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Provia Introduces RFID Support To WMS Solution

Thinking about introducing radio frequency identification (RFID) into your supply chain? Provia Software Inc. will be able help advance that plan beginning next month. That's because in September the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based software provider will begin offering RFID support for ViaWare WMS, its warehouse management system and the core component of its ViaWare supply-chain execution suite. The RFID support will encompass many warehouse management activities, explains Provia, including pallet and case tracking, automated receiving, picking verification, cycle counting, kit building, mixed pallet auditing, and trailer loading. Provia says that with an RFID ViaWare WMS, users can access totally automated logistics tracking processes, in many instances eliminating the need for manual checking or bar code scanning. RFID technology tags attached to cases and pallets will allow pieces to be uniquely identified and will communicate wirelessly to other devices.

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