Shell, i2 Launch Downstream Oil SCM Deployment

Compiled By Deborah Austin Shell Global Solutions and i2 Technologies Inc. are starting to deploy an initial element of i2 Downstream Oil, their modular end-to-end supply-chain-management suite for the downstream oil industry. i2 Demand Planner Downstream Oil -- beginning deployment at Shell Oil Products U.S. -- covers demand forecasting and fulfillment, including support for available-to-promise/capable-to-promise. Using a Web-based tool, it manages multiple inputs across all products, demand locations, market channels and customers. Other i2 Downstream Oil modules will address supply-chain planning across a network of manufacturing and distribution sites, and distribution/refinery scheduling. Supply-chain-management solutions provider i2, Dallas, and Shell Global Solutions -- a network of technology companies within the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Hague, Netherlands -- began collaborating on the suite in March.

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