Survey Dispels Generation Gap In Workplace Loyalty

Almost an identical percentage of baby boomers, baby busters, and Generation Xers are happier as "team players" than as individual contributors. That's the result of a survey conducted by F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants, a national franchise network of executive search firms. The survey of 400 U.S. workers included 145 baby boomers (born 1945-54) -- with 67% happiest as team players; baby busters (1955-64) -- 69%; and Generation Xers (born 1965-74) -- 68%. For all three generations, the most important reasons for remaining at a present employer were career advancement, corporate culture/work environment, and the balance provided between their professional and personal lives. But each group's top reason was different:

  • 51% of Gen Xers cited the opportunity for career advancement as a reason to stay put compared with 36% of baby boomers and 22% of baby busters.
  • Work environment was the reason 44% of boomers stayed put.
  • Work/family balance was the reason 31% of the baby busters stayed at their job. Interestingly, between 43% and 49% of each of the three groups of workers claimed to work at least 10-hour days.
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