Web Site Connects Made-To-Order Buyers, Sellers

Companies that outsource made-to-order parts, assemblies, and services can locate suppliers at SupplierOne.com, a global e-commerce marketplace based in Houston. Created to serve purchasing agents and design engineers, the site connects buyers with more than 1,000 metal and plastic fabricators offering castings, forgings, extrusions, structural and sheet metal fabrications, gears, stampings, springs, metal machining, thermoplastic and thermoset-molded plastic parts, plastics machining, and more. After receiving an initial request for quotation and an uploaded CAD drawing from the buyer, a supplier responds with a quote and recommendation on how best to make the product. Where necessary, the buyer and supplier can collaborate on part design, fabrication, and price negotiation on a secure SupplierOne message board. Procurement time is shortened from weeks to seconds, according to Art French, CEO.

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