New Control Systems Help Avoids Downtime

GE Fanuc Automation, Inc., a unit of GE Industrial, recently announced a new product -- All Ethernet High-Availability Solution -- to address the risk and safety issues associated with downtown of mission critical machines.

"Unscheduled downtime in mission critical manufacturing and infrastructure operations can be catastrophic to the business, resulting not only in loss of revenue, but sometimes compromising the safety of the operation," said Jerry Simons, director of applied solutions for GE Fanuc. "With the combination of a high-performance central processor, distributed I/O and a 100 Mbps network, users will be able to manage a larger number of I/O and a larger number of remote drops at speeds far greater than was previously possible."

These applications would typically be deployed in metals, oil & gas, semiconductor, transportation, energy and water/wastewater industries, where companies demand 24x7 uptime.

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