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115 New Plants To Come Online In Q3 2007

According to Texas-based research firm Industrial Info Resources, this summer's heavy construction season should see more than 100 plants, which broke ground in late winter, coming online by fall.

According to the report:

During the coming quarter in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry alone, 115 grassroot plants that are now under construction will reach completion and open doors for business as they begin manufacturing a wide variety of products. These new plants will create 17,600 jobs once the ribbon cutting ceremonies are completed and the machinery is started.

Although such news is doubtlessly important for strategic (as well as psychological) reasons, the abstract doesn't say what sectors are experiencing this anti-doom and gloom boom. If you hear about new plants opening, let us know -- I personally would like to hear what new technologies are being built into the infrastructure of facilities these days by forward thinking manufacturers.

In fact, imagine for a second if you had a choice to build from the ground up and install anything you'd like, free from budgetary restrictions, what would you choose?

I'd love to read the whole report, but unfortunately for me (and you) the cost is beyond an editor's nonexistent budget. If you've got the disposable cash, you can buy the report here.

(Oh, and you can email me a copy, or any questions/comments/plant openings/topics you'd like to see me tackle here.)

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