Asia/Pacific Manufacturers Beefing Up Predictive Analytics to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Analysts are forecasting continued global economic volatility in 2012, so it makes sense for forward-thinking companies to bolster their focus on improved efficiencies and the mitigation of supply chain risks.

Recent research from IDC Manufacturing Insights confirmed that many Asia/Pacific manufacturers are doing just that. Drilling down even further, the IDC Manufacturing Insights report, Asia/Pacific Manufacturing 2012 Top 10 Predictions, concludes that in 2012 there will be greater use of predictive analytics tools among the region's manufacturers.

Why? Because countering supply chain risks now requires better decisions at strategic and tactical levels the kind of decisions made possible by predictive analytics, automation and enhanced supplier collaboration.

Noting that countries in the West are battling sluggish economies and high unemployment rates, IDC Manufacturing Insights also predicts that Asia/Pacific manufacturers will focus on producing goods where there is demand and growth domestically, in the Asia/Pacific region. To do well, manufacturers there will need to reconfigure their product development and supply chains to meet local demand. They should also review the new technologies available to enhance their productivity.

"From a technology perspective, we will see companies moving to clearly establish a link between technology and efficiency," said Dr. Christopher Holmes, Head International, IDC Manufacturing Insights. "These companies will be focused on driving out cost and becoming even more productive with the increased use of analytics and automation. To increase top line growth, they will also be centering their efforts on satisfying domestic demand within the region, and exploiting new business opportunities in the after sales and support market."

Watch for the full report, which IDC Manufacturing Insights says is forthcoming.

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