Manufacturing Savvy

Firing on all Cylinders

The Yuchai Group, which is located in Yulin, Guangxi and employs 16,000 employees across 37 subsidiaries, believes it has a social responsibility "to provide the community with green manufactured green products."

The company, a producer of diesel engines, is the largest manufacturer and exporter of the medium-to-small sized construction machinery in China. Its core businesses are diesel engines, construction machinery, automobile parts, automobile chemical products, materials circulation, electromechanical products and special vehicles. Its operations have expanded to Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

The company has a multi-prong strategy to be green both in its products and its manufacturing processes. Some of its green accomplishments include:

*The fuel consumption of its engines which include auto engines, engineering machinery engines, marine engines and agricultural engines, has decreased by 14% compared to 2007.

*To save water the company utilizeds both water-saving technologies and an improved water circulation system. The result is a reduction of more than 300 tons of water per day. The company invested over $10 million to build a 500 m3/h sewage treatment systems to treat industrial waste water to save water and cut environmental pollution. In the first half of 2008, the company saved more than 56,000 tons of water and its reuse rate of industrial water reached 79.8%.

* With regard to power-saving, in 2007, Yuchai Machine Co., Ltd. upgraded the distribution system; replaced more than 80 outdated power distribution equipments; adjusted the distribution structure; and completed the update of the core furnace heating and wind systems, central air-conditioning cooling device, boiler drum and fan-frequency furnace. The total energy-saving rate was 12.5%, with an annual saving up to 3.6 million kwh.

*The waste control met the requirements of national environmental laws and regulations, and passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System evaluation. The company saw substantial progress in environmental treatments:
--1.380 million tons of industrial waste water met the national GB8978-1996 integrated secondary effluent standards
--Removed 4,384,957 kg industrial dust
--Reduced 175,185 kg sulfur dioxide
--Dropped 5,575,029 kg soot
--Recycled 480.93 tons of oil

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