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Foolish Things We Have to Deal With

In honor of April Fool's Day, I've assembled a list of Some of the Most Foolish Things We Have to Deal With.

Please send yours along as well.

Here we go:

Drivers who text while operating a multi-ton moving vehicle.

Enough said.

Co-workers who sit in meetings -buried in their laptops- and surf the web/Facebook/email, etc. while assuming the rest of us aren't smart enough to multi-task like them.

Note to the self-absorbed: there is no empirical research which shows that we humans perform better doing several things at once compared to focusing on one job at a time.

Continuing with the technology theme

Co-workers who think CC'ing everyone on an email is the best way to show how hard they are working.

Somehow, someway, before the Internet, business got done and people lived their lives pretty well. Sending an email is not work!


Think its bad now? Wait till these folks are all unionized sometime next year

Paying for WI-FI in your hotel room.

I realize the travel industry is hurting. But, please, charge me a few more bucks each time in my base room rate and then tell me I'm getting "free WI-FI". I'd at least feel better.

"Decision-makers" who can't make a decision.

Nothing sucks the energy out of an office faster than a boss who won't act. Give me a jerk that can make a decision any day over a nice guy who never leads.

Entertainment Companies that Pose as News Organizations

When a 30-minute "newscast" includes the latest on Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian, American Idol, plus sports and weather and the latest movie review from their own studio, it's hard to take things seriously

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