Greenpeace Starring Lucy Lawless Claims Victory in Arctic Drilling Fight

Greenpeace activists say they were victorious in their four-day occupation of the Shell-chartered Noble Discoverer.

The activists, which included actress Lucy Lawless, said they were protesting Shell's plans to drill in the arctic. They were later arrested and charged.

According to a article:

Greenpeace spokesman Steve Abel said although they had not been able to physically stop the ship from leaving, public pressure applied to Shell would do the same job.

"The ship is powered by more than the fuel in its bunkers. It's also powered by the confidence of Shell oil that they can publicly justify what they're doing in the Arctic. You stop a vessel more than just by occupying its drill tower. You also stop it by the massive public outrage that gets delivered to Shell," he said.

Shell said yesterday it's going on the offensive against environmental groups that are trying to stop it from drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

The Associated Press reports:

The Houston-based oil giant on Wednesday sued 11 Alaska Native or environmental organizations that have challenged Arctic offshore drilling at various regulatory steps, starting with the sale of leases and continuing through nearly every permit Shell has needed to dip into the petroleum wealth believed to be in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast and the Beaufort Sea off the state's north coast.

Meanwhile, it appears Lucy Lawless once acted in a Shell commercial:


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