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If You Hear a Boom, It's China's Warehousing Market

I've recently learned a lot more about China's warehousing market, thanks to new research and talking with experts who know the score in the Asia.

The two main things that I want to pass on today:

1) China's warehousing market, still booming and becoming more sophisticated, continues to roll on oblivious to the global recession. This is good news for the global economy.

2) For western companies doing business in China, or those planning to do business there, operating challenges and market entry considerations need to be tackled first and foremost. This is a step that cannot be skipped, or else companies will find themselves in a quandary due to cultural differences and government rules and regulations.

Right now, China's warehousing industry is entering its growth phase and offers optimal potential for western companies to step in and create value for their companies. Specific-use warehousing and distribution centers are under investment everywhere in China -- cold chain, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, auto, tobacco, etc.

A good resource for learning the latest trends and assessing potential opportunities, as well as gaining perspective on key end-use sector development, is the new webinar Special Briefing on Opportunities in China's Warehousing Market. Featuring Asia business strategy expert Steve Ganster, the webinar highlights results from a six-month research project conducted by Tompkins International in China.

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