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IndustryWeek Banned in Canada (sort of)

IndustryWeek magazine -- okay, and every other magazine that you can't actually buy at an airport newsstand or kiosk -- has been banned from flights out of Canada heading to the United States. According to an article in the Globe and Mail, new airport security measures forbid passengers from bringing books and magazines purchased pre-flight onto airplanes bound for the U.S.

As you would imagine, publishers are absolutely livid about this restriction, which seems to benefit only the relative handful of vendors who sell books and magazines in Canada's airports. Forget about hauling along any books or magazines from your own home or office; the ban apparently even extends to books checked out of a library. Nope, if you're flying from Vancouver or Montreal or Toronto or any other Canadian airport to the USA, you've gotta settle for whatever reading matter you can dredge up once you've cleared security and are in an airport terminal.

The article doesn't spell out what happens to all the pre-purchased books and magazines that are now considered verboten. I would imagine there'd be quite a few outraged passengers wondering how they're going to get their books back, especially if it's one they've been anxiously waiting to read on the plane to make the trip go faster. Like, say, this book.

Of course, fortunately for IW's faithful readers, you can always access our content online, but that'll only take you so far, too... until the flight attendant informs you that all PDAs must be turned off for the duration of the flight. Thankfully, some (but by no means all) airlines now offer in-flight Internet access, so while you may not be able to bring your copy of IW onto the plane, you still might get to read it, after all.

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