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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

I have been reluctant to start my blog without having a blockbuster of a first post. I've finally realized that waiting to have the "perfect" start is simply preventing me from starting at all, and that is not a good thing.

Instead I will start with an introduction. I am Jill Jusko. I am a senior editor with IndustryWeek, and I've been writing about manufacturing now since about 1998. It's been my pleasure to interview a lot of great folks and get inside many manufacturing plants over the years, and I've tried to share their stories with you.

I write primarily about operations and workforce development-related topics, and I am the coordinator of the IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards competition. If you are not familiar with that program, you should be. Plain and simply, it's a shout out to excellence in North American manufacturing, and we have been sharing the winners' stories since 1990. In fact, we just named the 2012 IW Best Plants winners. I could go on and on about this program, that's how much I enjoy being a part of it, but I think my introductory post is maybe not the place for that.

I'll get back to it, though.

Most of what I'll blog about will be manufacturing operations-related or workforce-oriented. Both topics cover a lot of ground, and so will I. Lean, Six Sigma, workforce skills, safety, quality, employee engagement. Those are all areas ripe for me to address.

And you too, I hope. By that I mean, it would please me greatly if you would add your insights and opinions to my posts. More importantly, I'm sure your insights would help other readers, many of whom are manufacturers looking for good ideas to share within their operations.

With that, I'll wrap this up before I begin to ramble too much. Look for regular contributions from me in the future, and I will do the same from you.


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