The Returns of Supplier Risk Management Beyond Regulatory Compliance

This blog is devoted to building awareness about the importance of effective, holistic supplier risk management programs. So, every now and again, I have to ask:

Do you feel your company's supply risk management strategies are providing the value they should? Is managing supplier risk a strategic advantage for you, or is it more just a box to be checked for compliance requirements? And, in terms of supply risk management, where do you think your company stands compared to its peers?

Aravo and The Hackett Group have been working for awhile on a new survey designed to help you gain insights into questions like these, and I'm happy to report that our co-sponsored Supply Risk Management Performance Study is now open for participation.

This study will run until April 2, 2010 and is available at no cost to participants.

We're looking for supply risk stakeholders in procurement, supply chain, risk management, EH&S, or general management --to take part. All study participants will receive a research report and an exclusive invitation to a webcast that will discuss key findings from the research. It's a great way to learn:

How to create a "Total Cost of Supply Risk model" that can be used to justify and evaluate supply risk efforts. After all, it's critical to build a business case to support your supply risk management programs.

How well peers are dealing with today's dramatic business volatility via supply risk management.

Best practices being leveraged by top performers in governance, alignment, process, metrics, and techniques/tools.

How advanced firms overcome barriers and self-fund supply risk management programs.

How you can benchmark your supply risk challenges, performance, capabilities, and 2010 plans against peers and top performers in supply risk management.

I sincerely hope that you'll take a few minutes to participate in our new Supply Risk Management Performance Study. (More details are available here.) The results will help us all learn more about: 1) how companies today are benefiting from supply chain risk management, and 2) the challenges that remain as companies work to create more comprehensive approaches to efficiently mitigate supply chain threats.

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