Super Bowl Ads: A Big Presence for Chevy at the Big Game

For some people, scrutinizing the Super Bowl ads is just as much (or more) fun than watching the game itself. This week, I'll be previewing the auto industry's advertising campaigns scheduled to air during the game.

Chevrolet's Super Bowl ad campaign is a multimedia onslaught of commercials, music videos and mobile apps.

From a viewer's perspective, the previews I've watched hint that Chevy's gameday spots will be a mixed bag. My favorite commercial was conceived not by an ad executive but a civilian -- Long Island, N.Y., resident Zach Borst, who won the Chevrolet Route 66 Contest. Here it is:


The cheap jabs at Ford aside, I kind of like this ad for the 2012 Chevy Silverado. It's a warped, twisted concept, but a lot of people like that kind of humor (including me). Here it is:


I'll spare you the music video, but suffice to say, it'll probably be my cue to get some more Tostitos.

Whether you like the ads or not, Chevrolet will have a major presence on Super Bowl Sunday, in another sign that Detroit has roared back from the recession. I think that's a good sign for everyone.

If you'd like to preview more of Chevy's Super Bowl ads - apparently there will be five total (three during the game) -- Chevy has aggregated them on its YouTube page:

Enjoy the game!

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