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They Built It --- Now Who's Coming to Green Tech's New Home?

Looking for a place to show off your green technology? Look no further than Boston's Route128 technology highway. The International Green Technology Trade Center, hosted by TradeCenter128, which is a LEED pre-certified GOLD green building complex of course, threw open its doors on Sept. 8.

Why did they build it? To help green business grow, explains the chief executive of the group, Joshua Levitt. The business marketplace, a permanent trade show, was designed to generate sales and brand recognition for 250+ cutting-edge green technology companies from around the world.

The group offers a variety of services to its members including; Operations Management, Distribution, Fundraising and Marketing support.

They also provide technology and industry experts in the following areas:

* Power Generation Development
* Renewable Energy Technology
* Water Purification
* Construction Materials
* Waste Management / Recycling
* Green IT
* Legal and Regulatory / Government Funding
* LEED Certification
* Grid Security
* Smart Grid Technology
* Technical Strategic Planning

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