Manufacturing Savvy

Turning Food Into Fertilizer

Converted Organics, based in Boston, produces organic fertilizer by processing 100 tons of food waste per week.

Business is good so the company is increasing production to 175 tons per week using newly acquired manufacturing equipment.

Production will take place at its Woodbridge plant in New Jersey. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Gonzales, Calif., and just this week the company signed an agreement with MassOrganics I which will give it a third manufacturing facility in Sutton, Mass.

If you are wondering about the production process, the company uses its proprietary High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system, a microbial digestion technology, to process various biodegradable food wastes into dry pellet and liquid concentrate organic fertilizers.

Where do they get the waste? Waste Management of New Jersey, IESI Corp., Premier Food Waste Recycling and Filco Carting Corp. provide the company an 'ongoing and reliable supply of high-quality food waste, according to Robert Bayliss, Vice President of Manufacturing for Converted Organics.

Converted Organics sells and distributes its fertilizer products in the retail, professional turf management and agribusiness markets.

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