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Is the U.S. Government Promoting Sustainability in Manufacturing?

Well yes it is. Called the Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (SMI) and Public-Private Dialogue, the Commerce Department is headlong into the sustainability movement.

And it's getting some heavy hitters --Goodrich Aerostructures and Boeing were part of the recent event called "Sustainability 360: An Aerospace Supply Chain Event." They were tour sites as was Tyee Aircraft and Puget Sound Energy.

Acting U.S. Commerce Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services Mary Saunders led the tour, which took place on July 13. The event was designed to showcase the benefits of sustainable manufacturing throughout an aerospace manufacturing supply chain.

The tour highlighted results that companies gain when they incorporate cleaner, more resource-efficient technologies and product life-cycle approaches in their manufacturing processes.

The Commerce Department also offers a variety of resources including:

Green Supplier Network -- this group works with large manufacturers to engage their small and medium-sized suppliers in low-cost technical reviews that focus on process improvement and waste minimization

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) -- help businesses choose cost-effective, environmentally preferable building products

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) -- this group offers sector-specific lean and clean manufacturing technical assistance and environmental assessment services.

To find out more the program in general visit

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