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Want Green Injected Molded Parts? We've Got the Place

AGS Technology, based in Schaumburg, Ill. is a custom injection molding company that specializes in recycled plastics. And it's been doing this for quite a while.

The company was founded in 1994 by Christopher C. Racelis, A. George Staniulis and Virgis Gudeika who were working in the compounding industry and realized that many injection molders were unfamiliar with recycled plastic compounds.

So these three got busy and formed AGS Technology Inc. with the goal of being the low-cost producer of high-quality molded components from proprietary recycled plastics.

They caught the eye of a little company we all know as GM.

GM liked the costs saving that could be realized by purchasing automotive components made from recycled plastics, so they mentored AGS in the QS-9000 certification process and awarded it substantial business.

And the company grew. It now serves the construction, consumer products, and waste water treatment industries.

In 2007 AGS received its ISO/TS 16949 certification.

Last week the company decided to make things even easier for manufacturers by launching 'AGStimator' on its website. Taking less than a minute, according to the company, this tool can provide a quotation for injection molding for a structural part made from the company's Injectoblend line of recycled materials.

"Purchasing and Engineering often don't have the time to pull together the myriad of drawings, documents and electronic files to get an alternative material quote for a new part or to market test an existing virgin part," notes Chris Racelis, President-AGS Technology. "However, these individuals often know or can easily access the basic mold, material, and machine information necessary to provide themselves with an accurate part quotation. By making our recycled part cost estimator openly available on our website, these decision makers can quickly generate an AGS quote that we believe will open their eyes to the significant cost benefits of using recycled materials and help promote environmental sustainability."

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