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What Does the Leader of the Future Look Like?

In the September 2010 issue, I wrote a column on "The Most Important Leadership Quality"

In a survey of senior manufacturing and other leaders, IBM had found that creativity was the most important leadership quality required for a globalized, complex and fast-changing business environment.

An MBA student recently contacted me and asked a series of intriguing questions about leadership. I promised I'd put the power of many to the test and see how our readers would answer. Here are her questions:

1) What does the leader of the future look like?
2) What new and distinctive challenges does the new leader face?
3) What does the blueprint for dynamic planning look like?
4) What disciplines or areas must the new leader focus on?
5) What lessons have past leadership behaviors taught us?
6) What type of leadership will the current and next generation look for?

What do you think?

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