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What Took Them So Long?

Ever been to a meeting that lasted too long? (Answer yes, even if you were the one who called the meeting.)

Then have I got the product for you. Bring TIM! is a "portable time management cost calculator" designed to keep meetings on topic and reduce their duration. You set Bring TIM! (TIM stands for Time Is Money) down on the meeting table, enter the number of attendees, estimate the average hourly rate for the group and press the start button. As each second ticks by, Bring TIM! calculates and displays the cost of the meeting.

"Many people are frustrated by long,unproductive meetings. These meeting are also expensive," says Brad Johnson, president and founder of Bring TIM! LLC, who is both inventive and has a considerable gift for understatement. "Bring TIM! gives users the power to break the cycle and serves as a friendly reminder to stay on track."

Johnson says the idea for Bring TIM! came out of his experience at a company that held weekly 4-hour staff meetings. Johnson says he couldn't help thinking of the work piling up on his desk and the cost of the meeting as it dragged on.

Bring TIM! can be purchased from for $24.99 plus shipping and handling. If ever a product should be eligible for stimulus funds, this is the one.

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